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10 May 2013

that_cat_guy05:32am:: MOTHER FUCKING FUCK!

i LOVE the new one!

it's like a greatest hits lp from a world that i haven't been to.

amazing stuff, kids.

just fucking perfect!

16 March 2013

that_cat_guy04:31am:: hey!

how are you guys liking the new one?

i'm fucking jazzed! it sounds just like a bowie album! tasty stuff, man!

08 January 2013

that_cat_guy03:13am:: holy cheese! not only is there a new bowie coming, here in america it's coming out on my birthday! mere words can in no way describe my level of thrillosity!

yeah. i made up a word. i've been grooving on the guy's stuff since 1972.


25 December 2012

davidbowienews01:09am:: David Bowie Bing Crosby

Strangest duet ever? Aladdin Sane and the Old Groaner for Christmas. ‘Peace On Earth' especially written for Bowie in just over an hour on 11 September 1977.

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David Bowie Bing Crosby
David Bowie Bing Crosby Single Cover B
David Bowie Bing Crosby 005

13 September 2012

davidbowienews21:51pm:: Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan and David Bowie. It was complicated. Friends and rivals since 17 yrs old. "They were like brothers".

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Marc Bolan at David Bowie News

David Bowie Marc Bolan 9-001
David Bowie Marc Bolan 5
Marc Bolan 2
David Bowie 1115

26 July 2012

davidbowienews22:19pm:: All The Young Dudes

David Bowie gives away one of his greatest songs. ‘All The Young Dudes’ and Mott The Hoople. Do you know the meaning of the closing monologue?

“Hey you there. You with the glasses.”

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All The Young Dudes

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Era 2
Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes Compilation
David Bowie Freddi Buretti

20 July 2012

davidbowienews23:32pm:: Iman

Iman. Supermodel and role model.

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Iman 370

12 July 2012

davidbowienews20:20pm:: David Bowie Mick Jagger Dancing In The Streets

The campest video ever! Bowie/Jagger ‘Dancing In The Street’ plus David’s triumph at Live Aid

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David Bowie Mick Jagger Dancing In The Street

04 July 2012

davidbowienews22:01pm:: David Bowie Starman

Over a quarter of the British population watched David Bowie become a superstar – July 6 1972. “Let All The Children Boogie”

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David Bowie Starman

David Bowie Starman Top of the Pops 5
David Bowie Starman Top of the Pops 4
David Bowie Starman Top of the Pops 6

27 June 2012

davidbowienews23:27pm:: David Bowie Labyrinth

Some discovered David Bowie as the Goblin King not as Ziggy Stardust. 

Today is the anniversary of the release of cult classic Labyrinth! 

Read more about the Bowie Bulge at

David Bowie News - Labyrinth

David Bowie Jennifer Connelly Labyrinth Poster Detail
2-Labyrinth David Bowie Jennifer Connelly 03
Labyrinth Jennifer Connelly
Labyrinth George Lucas David Bowie Jim Henson
DB Magic Dance dancemix

20 June 2012

davidbowienews23:58pm:: Ziggy Stardust Inspiration?

A story you have never read before on Ziggy Stardust’s possible inspiration. Not available anywhere else on the Web or in print.

Read it at

David Bowie News

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Album Photos 02
Stranger In A Strange Land 02
David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Album Photos 10

25 May 2012

davidbowienews01:30am:: David Bowie in The Hunger (1983)

David Bowie as a vampire (and Bauhaus in a great opening sequence) in cult classic The Hunger.


The Hunger David Bowie VampireBauhaus Hunger 013
The Hunger Poster 005The Hunger Catherine Deneuve 002-001

09 May 2012

davidbowienews22:11pm:: David Bowie, The 'Pope of Pop', Still Inspires In 2012

Pulitzer poet calls him the ‘Pope of Pop’. Says, ‘Bowie will never die’.
David Bowie in 2012 is still a force. Inspires Pulitzer prizewinning poet and Tommy Lee plus three movies, lullabies, Shirley Manson, Paul Weller, Chilis & more.
Read about it at

David Bowie News

Tracy K Smith Life On Mars Cover

29 April 2012

davidbowienews22:38pm:: Mick Ronson, Guitarist on Ziggy Stardust Remembered

Mick Ronson. Remember a time when guitars were sex? And when no guitar was sexier than that of Mick Ronson, David Bowie’s great guitarist, who died far too soon, 19 years ago today, April 29. 

David Bowie News


27 April 2012

davidbowienews02:15am:: Plaque Honor For Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie's 1972 album Ziggy Stardust has been honored with a plaque in the London street where the famous cover photo was taken.


David Bowie News

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Cover

26 January 2012


16 November 2011

curiousmagpie18:21pm:: Looking for size SMALL Keanan Duffty Bowie clothing

Does anyone have any size small pieces from Keanan Duffty's Bowie OR England's Dreaming collection they would like to sell? My husband loves the shirt and pants he bought from target in the past- but sadly they no longer carry any Keanan Duffty. 
Trying to buy up a few shirts,vests, or pants for a Christmas present.
If you have anything, please PM me! 

05 June 2011

that_cat_guy03:54am:: my fave album (cd?) ever is ziggy stardust. what's yours?

(don't gotta be bowie. mine just is.)

08 January 2011

that_cat_guy03:30am:: happy birthday, mr. jones!

03 July 2010

kiplas12:16pm:: Another One

kiplas11:27am:: Mr. Alien

A bit inept ink drawing by me =P

26 June 2010

that_cat_guy02:34am:: WHO KILLED BABY GRACE BLUE?

can i get a clue up in this notherfucker?

14 May 2010

kulafey14:19pm:: Moonage Daydream: The Lives and Times of Ziggy Stardust

I have a deluxe limited edition of this for sale, if anyone is interested.  Its fully bound in blue leather and comes in the original silk screened box. Its signed by David & Mick Rock and is # 259 of 350. In near mint condition. Extremely rare. For further details please email me.

14 April 2010

kayori13:00pm:: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Do any of you know of any essays or analyses on The Man Who Fell to Earth, both the novel and the film (not necessarily both at once)? I'm preparing to write an essay myself comparing the two and I'm having a particularly difficult time finding anything on the film that isn't just a synopsis or movie review.

Thank you for any help.

03 April 2010

dizzymartian01:39am:: Beyond 1984...

My brain seems to recall seeing it *somewhere*, but as it often does, my brain tends to just make things up to lead me off in odd directions. Does anybody recall ever seeing a list of books which David himself has claimed to be his favorites?

He frequently made (using the past tense made me cringe) literary references in his songs and in interviews over the years, but do you recall there ever being a formal "top ten (or whatever" list of his personal favorites - possibly as a sidebar in a magazine?

26 March 2010

snapeophilia16:49pm:: In response to this post over at bowie_daily, I made two icons.

Nothing great since I don't even have photoshop, but I figured I'd share with other Bowie lovers out there.

Without a border.

With a border.

:) I hope you guys like. I'd appreciate a comment and some credit if you take, but you don't really have to.
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26 January 2010

dizzymartian16:48pm:: A Reality Tour CD/digital release + 1967 deluxe version

The 2cd version of the A Reality Tour DVD has been released today with three songs which had not been on the DVD (Fall Dog Bomb The Moon, Breaking Glass, and China Girl). In addition, two exclusive songs have been added to the iTunes version: 5:15 The Angels Have Gone and Days. At least in the US iTunes store. I would be surprised if it were any different in other regions.

Thankfully, for once, the two digital-only tracks are not "album only", and may be purchased individually.

The deluxe reissue of the 1967 self-titled debut album also saw release this week. I'm really looking forward to comparing the mono and stereo versions (both of which have been included on the first disc).

It's so odd to see both his first major release - and his most recent major new release - with deluxe reissues on the same day.

08 January 2010

srsmoonlight15:18pm:: Open The Dog:.

[28] Lady Gaga
[22] David Bowie

(zane zane zane ouvre le chien)

PS: You must add srsmoonlight  to see the icons
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29 November 2009

revenantminx10:01am:: Labyrinth

I just read the wiki on Labyrinth where someone put up a 2002 interview with Bowie in a German magazine that said there was a scene and a song edited out of the film...
"One song originally on the soundtrack, "First Kiss", was cut after the corresponding scene was removed from the film. Test audiences had objected to a kiss between Sarah and Jareth, as both Sarah's character and the actress portraying her were underage. Without the kiss, the song made no sense, so the entire sequence was cut, shortening the film's runtime by six minutes, according to Bowie in a 2002 interview.",1518,200282,00.html
Does this mean that there may be footage hidden away somewhere? And a super-awesome Jareth song I haven't heard?

09 November 2009

justice_b23:51pm:: 21 David Bowie related icons

[21] David Bowie related icons
[21] Doctor Who related icons
[11] NCIS related icons
[43] Supernatural related icons
[24] Top Gear related icons
[20] Misc. icons (Narnia: Prince Caspian, Britain's Got Talent, Ant and Dec, Michael Sheen, ER, Metallica, Olivia Wilde, Robbie Williams and Star Trek.)


Here at justice_b

04 November 2009

that_cat_guy04:10am:: you guys seen "walk hard" yet?
i don't wanna spoil it but there's a little thing you just might like. i almost wet myself!

03 October 2009

missantroop04:58am:: Reissue from David Bowie featuring the high-fidelity SHM-CD format

I think everybody know about SHM-CD and a lot of japanese reissues of classic rock in this format. And Bowie is not an exception. I'm always try to buy releases in japanese edition because of additional tracks, bonuses and so on. The best place for it is cdjapan. So, from their newsmail I found out that some of Bowie's releases in SHM-CD are already available for pre-order *__*

A list of David Bowie SHM-CDs
About SHM-CD

20 September 2009

bezzo18:56pm:: New Labyrinth forum

I've just created a fan forum for the fab movie, Labyrinth. So, spread the word and help me populate the forum. I've also got an RPG section on there that I'd like to get started too.

Crystal Moon - A Labyrinth Fan Forum

I'm also looking for a logo graphic for the forum header, so if anyone would like to offer their services I'd be very grateful.

Helen :)
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16 September 2009

peaches_n_bowie15:54pm:: Spider named after David Bowie -No Joke!

I'v posted the link below. Hopefully it should work. This is really great!
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01 September 2009

peaches_n_bowie16:08pm:: David Bowie; Gods gift to the world of music!

So I have only been a fan of Bowie since last spring when I fell in love with his portrayal of Jareth the goblin king in the movie Labyrinth, but already I know a bunch about him and have eight of his albums (one day I hope to own them all if I can!) I absolutely LOVE HIM!
has anyone seen that Jean commercial where they play the Jean Genie?, I grin like a mad idiot every time I see that. Its always fun when you hear or see something randomly on the telly with Bowie in it!
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07 January 2009

dizzymartian16:15pm:: "Joe The Plumber... went to the something-something"

I cannot be the only person who kept hearing "Joe The Lion" pop up in their head whenever they also heard the name, "Joe The Plumber" during the final weeks of the recent US presidential election.

Or perhaps I can. I think it would have been a lot less annoying if I had been able to come up with a more appropriate line to replace "...went to the bar."

11 December 2008

that_cat_guy22:49pm:: wow!

i haven't seen the trailer so i dunno about that but 'queen bitch' is the music in the ad for the harvey milk movie.

i almost shot dr. pepper out my nose!

pretty cool...

15 August 2008

so_pseudogoth12:54pm:: Hey guys, I put up an auction on eBay full of Jareth cosplay goodness... a wig, an acrylic contact juggling sphere, and a how-to DVD, just in time for Halloween! Please check it out, pass it along, whatever. I really want to get this stuff gone, it's almost $100 worth of swag!

I also have a pair of excellent Jareth-style riding boots, made for wider calves, with three buckles that could be removed. Size 11 in women's. Please ask if interested in those, asking $15 + shipping for them, paid closer to $80.

05 August 2008

vkxonline15:05pm:: David Bowie Google Theme

Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.

29 June 2008

littlespeaker03:51am:: I joined this community because I finally heard The Buddha of Suburbia and my ears exploded with cosmic magic and I just had to tell someone.

10 June 2008

dizzymartian22:56pm:: Oh. Yes. Nice.

A few selections from:

"The BBC will make available to EMI all its television and radio archives of the record company’s acts in a five-year agreement under which the two will also collaborate on television productions."

"Highlights of the BBC archive include behind-the-scenes footage of David Bowie’s 1974 Diamond Dogs tour , which will be released for sale in CD, DVD and downloadable formats. A BBC Omnibus documentary crew filmed the tour in a period when the singer was using cocaine. The result was the film Cracked Actor."

And speaking of the BBC archive, in general terms: "EMI will release a small portion of the material as part of CD and DVD sets or downloads. The entire archive will be released on a yet-unnamed “direct to consumer” website owned by the BBC’s commercial unit. “Content will be made available for sale, or will be free with adverts,” Mr Mukaddam said."

The above link contains a few bits concerning Pink Floyd and the Beatles, as well, but the next few years may finally turn up some very interesting releases! The wording suggests that an official release for Cracked Actor will be one of the first projects released under this new deal. I can't wait to see whatever else they decide to dust off.

01 June 2008

that_cat_guy12:14pm:: hmmmmmmmmm...

29 May 2008

stylishbastard17:31pm:: Speculation

What do people here think..will we see Mr B make some kind of return to regular music-making, either on tour or on album?