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a few highlights from the bowienet chat

this afternoon, david spoke for over an hour in a chat session on bowienet. while most of the questions were answered in a lighthearted fashion, a few bits of information on the toy and 2.contamination albums were dropped.

"When will the Toy album be released?"

David Bowie: "I'm finding EMI/Virgin seems to have a lot of scheduling conflicts this year, which has put an awful lot on the back burner. Toy is finished and ready to go, and I will make an announcement as soon as I get a very real date. Meantime, I'm already started writing and recording for another album (untitled at the moment). So far I have to say it's back to experimental. But knowing me, it doesn't mean that's how it'll turn out."

"The new album is produced by Visconti?"

David Bowie: "Toy has been produced beautifully by Mark Plati. The next album will be produced by Tony Visconti But I'm sure Mark will be involved."

"What's happened to Contamination?"

David Bowie: "This is hard to believe (heh heh heh), but nothing has gotten lost. Contamination will be one of the many pieces that I will release over time. It's just that my time has gone all elastic."

"I must say that playing back and doing initial idea mixes on the Contamination material, I've been very pleasantly surprised at how completely nutty it sounds. I'm determined to get it out this millennium."

"What happened to the Rugrats song. Any chance of hearing it, maybe here on BNet. The video for The Hearts Filthy Lesson reminds me of a Spanish theatre group called La Fura dels Baus. Do you know them: were they an influence?"

David Bowie: "The Rugrats song is really nice. It is called Skylife. I've definitely got it up for something. I'm not sure which album it will appear on, but it'll probably have a lyric change."

"Besides Placebo, are there any other current bands that you find interesting?"

David Bowie: "Goldfrapp is pretty cool, and I love the new Missy album. Grandaddy as always, Neu. As for the rest, I still like the real oldies. Like Oasis."

"How much do ya like being a father again? :)"

David Bowie: "I really, really love it. To be honest, I really have to pull myself together weekly to focus on my music that sometimes it almost feels like a distraction. The music, I mean. But I think I'm beginning to find a sense of balance between daddyfying and workifying. Mind you, the next album might have lyrics like: "the wheels on the bus go round and round..."

-- this was the first scheduled chat session since halloween of 2000.
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