diz.the.lion..made.of.iron (dizzymartian) wrote in pallas_athena,

In the latest journal by Mr Bowie on Bowienet, he hints at the possibility of a huge world tour within the next few years. While in the past, he has suggested that he may only do such a venture one more time, but knowing him, I somehow doubt that. Below is an excerpt posted this morning:
I feel really good about taking these songs on the road. I get asked all the time to do a full blown major World Tour and I'm getting to the point where I feel it might be great. There're so many new pieces now that I've not performed over in Australia and Japan and South America. But it won't be this year. Lexi is far to young to leave for long periods and she won't be old enough to travel with us for a while longer. I have a real need to keep writing this year and I always go with my gut feeling for what is right. Next couple of years though? Who knows?
Sounds fabulous.. I'm ready when he is.
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